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I’m from Michigan. I collect mostly Las Vegas(70%)- Other Nevada(20%) – Atlantic City and casinos that I have been to(10%). I collect all denominations as I enjoy the diversity. I tend to pick chips that have graphics/themes of Gambling, History or the theme of the Casino that the chip is from. I’ve been to 7 or 8 of the Vegas Conventions. I’ve had a few Splash Bar chips made and am currently working on a new Personal Chip. I DON’T collect damaged, drilled, cancelled, oversized, wet, foreign or fantasy chips. I do like trading and collecting personals. I also collect Casino Dice from Nevada. I am an avid EBAYer – mostly as a buyer. 
I collect chips, dice and playing cards. Mostly from Las Vegas. 
Nevada, California & World chips, plaques, tokens. 
Casino Chips – US Coins – Philatelic – Scouting – Youthwork 
Primarily, Louisiana chips…and any other chips I find interesting.
California medals (souvenir, commemorative, advertising, coin club, etc., 1965 and later), plus California modern casino gaming tokens and souvenir medals (usually silver). 
Las Vegas, Mississippi and Louisiana chips and tokens 
Collector of gaming tokens worldwide, and some chips.<BR>Dealer for tokens and chips. Supplier of custom chip & token framing for casinos and collectors. 
U.S. Casino Chips
AllenHenry. “Gus”r-8587gallen1247@aol.comn/a
arkansas illegal casino chips, buy or trade 
Nevada chips and tokens, 1967-1982 ($5.00 and under) and others if interesting. 
Obs Nevada and jetons/plaques
Chips, slot cards, room keys and anything else from Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos worldwide. Chips from Northern Nevada. 
Illegals, Antiques and early casino chips. I would love to collect ivory chips but they’re just beyond range right now. I really need to focus on Texas illegals and I’m actually doing research on San Antonio clubs right now. Unfortunately I also need quite a few of the San Antonio chips. I also have come across a few clubs not known to collectors with table games but will wait a bit more to gather more information. 
Collect $1 Chips & Tokens of all kinds from many locations. 
I collect Las Vegas memorabilia, including chips and silver strikes. 
I collect $1.00 Tokens and Chips and $5.00 Limited Edition also have some Silver Strikes, slot cards and room keys. Nevada only mainly Las Vegas
I collect Northern Kentucky Illegals,some Vegas and AC,also have southern Indiana Riverboat chips to trade or sell. 
I collect all Nevada chips with the exception of Limited Editions. My specialty is .50 cent chips & NCV’s. 
Have been collecting since 1987. Didn’t join club until 2002. I concentrate on $1 and $5 Nevada chips
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I collect $1 chips from anywhere in the U.S.Also love California card room $1’s and non denominations. Starting to collect nevada and vegas $5’s to trade 
$2.50 chips, 250 chips and 2,5 chips.
Buy, sell and trade slot cards with over 300,000 cards available. Publisher of the free Slot Card Guide ( and slot card admin for the ChipGuide. Also maintain the slot card collecting resource portal ( 
Las Vegas, illegal chips north east, Caribbean chips, Bacarat Plaques, Sahara and Riviera, Tropicana, Showboat, Casinos… Las Vegas Key Collection with FOB’s Looking to purchase large collections…… 
I only collect chips from the state of Washington 
Las Vegas Obsoletes.
I collect “1” denomination chips from everywhere… $1, £1, €1, 1 peso, 1 ruble, 1 rand, 1 whatever – as long as it has an inlaid center… I also collect $25 rack chips and NCV’s from Nevada.
Rare Reno chips prior to 1950….R8 0r better 
Las Vegas obsoletes and all kinds of stuff from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas (chips, pins, paper goods, room keys, money…)
I collect Tropicana, Frontier(New,Last,Hotel), Bicentennials, T-Bird Host chips, Harrah’s Sultan/Harem, 1/2 & 1/4 pies, Dovetails, chips with casino bldg. picture, Classic logo chips, CREST & SEAL,& Dice. Will buy/sell/trade anything!
I BUY: Ivory gambling chips, Nevada, European jetons and plaques, Caribbean, Crest & Seal poker chips, illegal club casino chips, Mother-of-Pearl gaming pieces, ivory dominos, ivory pool balls, large ivory dice.
BennettWilliam “Wolfhawk” 
Tx Illegals – Chips & Dice<BR>TX Cruises<BR>TX Native American<BR>LV Plaques/Jetons<BR>World-wide Plaques<BR>Binion’s Horseshoe (Original club)<BR> 
Chips & tokens from visited casinos! 
I collect Playboy and Deadwood chips. Especially looking for scarcer issues. I also collect original metal Playboy keys in Mint condition. 
Hi I’m mathieu <BR><BR>I’m from moncton, new brunswick, canada. I start to collect a long time ago by bringing 1$ chips from casino I was playing poker in. <BR><BR>I’m collecting from 25 cent to 5$ of canada from the province of ontario, quebec, new brunswick, nova scotia and prince edward island. Current, obsolete, illegal casino and indian reserve casino who has a POKER ROOM. Some of new england and american cities who has frontier with canada like detroit and niagara falls. <BR>
BerryDennisR – 
Casino sterling or .999 silver tokens from around the world. I even wrote a book on the different denominational silver casino tokens. Want a copy. Email me. 
Casino Chips,Foreign Banknotes…..Buy & Trade 
$1 and $5 House and Obsolete Chips 
I collect $1 and $5 chips from all over the country. 
Las Vegas, UFC’s, and Illegals.
Collector of Las Vegas $1.
Hard Rock and Vegas older chips 
Like to collect small town Nevada, Las Vegas and Christmas/Halloween LE chips.
$1 and $5 chips for everywhere. Special interest in the Beau Rivage, Hard Rock, Desert Inn, and Ed’s Tahoe Nugget. Please also check out my traders page on my site! 
I collect Las Vegas obsolete chips. 
Downtown Vegas Obs., Westside Vegas and N. Las Vegas
I collect roulette chips from all areas. I also collect Atlantic City chips and tokens up to and including $25.00. I also collect illegal club chips, UFO’s, slot cards, room keys and anything related to roulette. Finally, I also collect Large Crown chips from everywhere. I am Secretary of the Atlantic City Chapter and have published Catalogs on Atlantic City roulette chips.
As the founding President of CCGTCC (1988-1999) I’m naturally interested in all CCGTCC activities. Atlantic City chips & tokens are my specialty. I love the challenge of “harvesting” roulettes. (Want to trade roulettes?) Puerto Rico chips, second. Selected chips from Las Vegas, third. Silver Strikes, fourth. Check out my website for ordering instructions for “Black’s Catalog of Atlantic City Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens”. <BR><BR>”Buy the book before the chip” 
U.S. $1.00 casino tokens and player cards 
I collect any and all items having to do with Binion’s – Horseshoe Las Vegas Million Dollar Display. I have over 200 items in my collection including chips, tokens, ashtrays, photos, postcards, matches, napkins, advertisements, magazines, business cards, souvenir items, etc. Everything from belt buckles to bars of soap. From the common to the rare. You name it and I have it or I want it. Please e-mail me if you have any unusual MDD items to sell. Thank you.. 
I collect only chips from Lake Tahoe. 
All Casino-related items but especially FOREIGN chips and plaques <BR> 
I collect Nev, Calif. and I am just starting to collect Illegals 
1.00 chips from anywhere 
I collect ivory poker chips. 
Illegal Louisiana chips for sale
Illegal Chips 
Mississippi casinos, open to all Chipcos
I collect a lot of different chips, but primarily “wet” chips and brightly colored chips. I also own CruiseOne of Plano/Allen and specialize in cruise vacations. Contact me for a CC>CC member special. 
My main interest is American Indian Casino chips. I also have a small collection of Nevada Casino Limited Edition chips as well as Silver Strikes and Casino Tokens. 
Enjoy collecting obsolete Reno and Las Vegas chips. 
I collect chips from Nevada, specializing in Las Vegas and Reno. I also collect casino related items (dice, matches, ashtrays, glasses, lighers etc). I buy and trade.
I collect illegals from anywhere 
Nevada, Montana, Illegals, Die Cuts, Arrowdies 
I collect “name” chips, chips where the casino name contains a name; i.e. Al Cooper’s Beachcomber, Bob Stupak’s Sinabar, Jessie Beck’s Riverside, etc. 
$1 Las Vegas chips
All Casino Collectibles … Historical Papers …Cuba & Caribbean … 
Las Vegas $1 and lower denomination chips in top conditions.
We collect Harrah’s and all Kentucky Derby or Horse Racing Chips 
I collect $2.50 , 2.5 , 250, 2/6 chips worldwide primarily. I also collect chips from British Columbia Canada. I am always looking to trade or purchase singles or collections of 2.50 chips. I am very keen on foreign chips.<BR>
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL
Customs (personals), $1 casinos of any kind 
Silver Strikes Foxwood, Las Vegas, Atlantic City. Halloween Chips
Atlantic City & St. Maarten 
Better Vegas & small town Nevada chips is my main collection. I like Cuba too. Collect & sell. Lots for sale on ebay as well at jcampi, jvcinsb, chipsbottles. I am looking for better chips! See our website. Always entertaining want lists. I have a huge inventory that is always changing. 
old Vegas original strip casino’s 
Old Nevada with great inlay art and movie prop chips. I am always looking to purchase better chips or collections.
Contact me to arrange a trade anytime. I just love this club & the people, you’re a swell bunch. Take Care all”}”>I am a collector of Baseball & Golf theme chips $1 $2 $5 $10 as well as trading Aussie chips that I have extras of.
Contact me to arrange a trade anytime. I just love this club & the people, you’re a swell bunch. Take Care all 
$5 Chips 
Intrest in Altantic City, buy, sell, trade. What are you missing? 
1$ Gaming Tokens from Nevada (No Route Tokens). Have been a serious collector for about twenty years.
Book about illegal gambling in Galveston, Texas. Pictures of chips and other items. Chips and other items for sale. Want list and links.
$1 and fractional chips from anywhere; $5 LEs from Nevada, MS and other places, silver strikes, key cards & anything else I happen to like. Always looking to trade.
Atlantic City chips and Nevada jetons & plaques. Log in to view my collection, want list and traders on 
Chip Dealer for Las Vegas area. Always looking for new customers. Avid ND football fan lol.
CilentoAlexR-1243 LM-93
I collect obsolete Las Vegas chips. I will gladly bid on premium chips you may want to sell or trade. My email is alex345(at)gmail(dot)com. 
Collect Nevada rack chips, all denom 
I enjoy the history of gambling almost as much as collecting casino memorabilia. My main interest is Franklin Mint Tokens from 1965 – 1983. I also collect almost everything casino related. 
Collector of Nevada House chips and tokens. All Sahara chips and any LE Halloween chips. All Michigan casino chips, tokens and memorabilia. 
California casino and cardroom chips as well as movie prop chips. 
$1 chips from Az., Colo,Deadwood,Kansas,Nev,N.M.Ok. and all BPOE ELKS 
Any HARRAH’S (Reno or Lake Tahoe) PMSC chips or any HARRAH’S Reno or Lake Tahoe chips in general and last but not least any chip from NEVADA 
$1 Chips , New Collector , Roulette Chips and any Texas Poker Chips! 
Extensive Hard Rock Casino collection of everything from chips to lay-outs. Really like older/hard to find chips. EXTREME “Mystery Science Theater 3000” fan.
CosbyDon & 
Collecting Chips and SIlver Strikes also collects Antique Telephones
Nevada chips, matchcovers, dice, slot cards, room keys, cocktail napkins and postcards. Visit my website for a free Online Chip-A-Day calendar and a link to my Nevada Casino Matchcovers Project. Currently working on a guide to front-strike Nevada casino matchcovers. Contact me if you have extremely rare matchcovers to add to the guide. 
Hard Rock – Las Vegas chips 
UK casino chips and jetons particularly higher denoms. Las Vegas $1’s 
Las Vegas old obsolete house chips”}”>Southern Nevada Limited editions
Las Vegas old obsolete house chips
I collect chips from Colorado, Nevada, Riverboat & California Card Clubs. I also collect Dice, slot cards and Playing Cards. (A.K.A ChipScan) 
I collect ivory, pearl, illegals, and antique clay chips…
Antique Clay Design Chips 
I collect $10 Las Vegas Silver Strikes
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$1,$2.50 and $5 Atlantic City chips primarily,obsoletes and Limited Editions particularly.
$1 chips & Halloween chips 
Northern Nevada Casino Stuff and California Card Room chips. 
Collect Nevada Roulette Chips and Nevada Tokens 
Arodies, illegals, obsoletes, any 50cent chips, crest and seals, ashtrays and all Frontier items. 
Primary Areas of Interest:<BR>1) $1 Casino Chip (Curent & Obsolete) from US Casinos<BR>2) All denominations of Riverboat chips<BR>3) All denominations of Reno, Nevada chips<BR>Always interested in trading with other club members.
Antiques, Monarchs, Monograms, special Hub Chips 
I collect anything from Atlantic City. Looking for older better material. I have many high quality AC chips available for other AC collectors. 
I collect used or circulated, but in Good/Great Condition, $5 Las Vegas House Casino Chips. I’m located in the Dallas, Texas area. 
California,Nevada, (no LE’s) 
High-end Nevada chips and rare dice
$1 casino chips & sell other chips 
Nevada chips. Colorado chips for sale. 
I collect chips primarily from Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Turning Stone and St. Maarten and have a special liking for horse related chips from anywhere
Las Vegas chips and silver strikes. I have a small collection(1000+chips & 280+ Silver Strikes) But its growing!!! Always looking to add anything from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas 
Primary Interests – Obs. Vegas/Nevada Chips, cancelled chips, obs. roulette chips, dice, silver strikes, casino dinnerware, Moulin Rouge, Cal Neva Lodge and others… 
LV $1 chips, Mississippi $1’s $2.50 and $5’s. Duke’s Smoke Shop and Duke’s Card Club chips, some Silver Strikes
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Nevada casino chips, silver strikes, antique slot machines & trade stimulators 
Las Vegas $1. <BR>USAF (Ret) 
I mainly collect Vegas House Chips, but have recently branched out to collecting all over the US. Very interested in Military Chips.
Please click onto my growing web site to see pictures of what I buy/sell/trade. I especially like old poker chips — generic clay chips, crest and seal, illegals, inlaids, BPOE Elks Club, ivory, pearl, illegal club chips, etc. I am also a big collector of Put & Takes, Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Mexico items and movie Lobby Cards with gambling scenes. I BUY gambling chips, small gambling equipment, old playing card decks and other old gambling items/images/paper. All items, except casino chips and catalogs, should be prior to 1945……. … I do not want: gambling toys; plastic, paper or plain chips; metal slot tokens; current or recent casino chips; or heavy/bulky items like slot machines……Always looking for new collectors and trades………… I pay commissions for good leads………..Thank you. 
Putting Paulsons in plastic
Nevada chips, and obsolete Nevada Chips. 
Interested in collecting items from the Moulin Rogue of Las Vegas.
photos, posters, menus, postcards any kind of paper from any casino and chips from the Bahamas and the illegals clubs of New Jersey 800 872-9990 
I have an extensive collection of Nevada, Colorado, Riverboat and Indian casino chips, tokens and silver strikes. Started collecting in the early 90’s. Getting to the age where I need to liquidate some “stuff” or the kids will put it in a garage sale. Phone 970-229-0490 
Main interest is in the northwest (WA, OR, MT, BC). Starting to collect Colorado. Have quite a few Kansas, OK, and New Mexico chips, and way too many Vegas chips. Where do I draw the line?? 
Only a year into it – mostly interested in Nevada, esp. North. Obscure and obsolete, mostly, and any cool chips from 70’s – 90’s…trying to keep it to that. For now.
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
Worldwide Chips, plaques,jetons & silver strikes 
Colorado chips & tokens
I collect Northern Nevada, current and obsolete.<BR>I have many chips for trade.
Chips and Tokens, and all gaming memorabilia. Old Las Vegas, Old Nevada, Nevada, US, Cruise Lines, foreign. Still $5 and under.
Collector of Crest & Seal Chips. I buy, sell and trade C&S Chips and also organize/host trade sessions for Northwest Chippers. 
AC and LV $1-$5 chips. I also have a lot of matches. 
I collect Native American (U.S. & Canada)<BR>Flamingo chip’s from around the world.(in name & or picture)<BR>I love to trade. 
Nevada chips, especially coin inlay and commemorative, Foreign Jetons
My collection (accumulation) is pretty broad, but the last few years I have been focused on earlier Vegas chips and early illegals. 
I collect $1 chips from casinos that I have been to and also UV variations of Vegas and other state chips. Always looking for UV collectors to trade with. My passion is Michigan obsolete chips. Always looking to trade or buy MI obsoletes. 
Casino Chips – Coins
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
My collection focuses mainly on Nevada chips with a little extra emphasis on the Minden/Gardnerville area. My parents used to live down there so I can’t help it. If anyone has chips from there in quantity please let me know. I also have chips from all over the country but Nevada is the majority of my collection.
I enjoy collecting and trading $1 chips. I have well over 1,000 different chips available for trade. Please contact me if interested.<BR><BR>Thanks for looking, Jim 
I make personal chips, no artwork or setup charges.<BR>Laminated finish, no paper stickers. .70 per chip, <BR>100pc min.<BR>Collecting Playboy and $1.00 chips from anywhere.<BR>Member since 2012<BR>Representing Buffalo, NY
I am interested in fractional chips. I am newer to the chip collecting world, Colorado native, BOOM! 
All memorabilia from Hi Desert Casino in Adelanto California<BR>Railway Club, Barstow Ca.<BR>San Manuel Casino chips from Highland, California.<BR>The 3 Rare Bicentennial chips<BR>Rio, Las Vegas, Roulette’s and NCV’s<BR>Wet chips from Carnival Cruise Lines. 
Collect all Caribbean casino chips and tokens. Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Bonaire, Cuba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, St. Vincent, Suriname, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad & Tobago 
Las Vegas chips 
collector of $1 and $5 house racks, new and obsolete. Mainly Las Vegas but an interest in Atlantic City. A deal can always be made 
I collect Nevada, Atlantic City chips. LTD editions,I also have chips from Europe, I would like to swap some. 
AC, Reno, Florida, Mississippi & Older LV cheques, LEs, cheques w/dates on them, slot tokens, NCVs, roulette chips & silver strikes. Casino memorabilia (player club cards, matchbooks, ashtrays, casino room keys, etc,). Also collect other locations in the USA & Canada.
Playboy, US Denomination Jetons and Plaques, Sahara Las Vegas, Sands Las Vegas, high end chips of all kinds. 
I collect chips from Florida as well as from all of the islands in the Caribbean. Roulettes, tournament chips & NCV’s are likewise wanted. 
Collector of Las Vegas chips, gaming tokens, ash trays, and memorabilia. I am also a member of the Silver Strikers Club.
Previously Las Vegas Rare Coin Gallery, we have moved to Reno! We are now located at:<BR>5032 S. Virginia Street<BR>Reno, NV 89502 <BR>You can contact us at:<BR>(775) 322-4455 <BR>or, visit our web site: 
Primary interest obsolete Nevada chips, especially $100’S.<BR>Also collect ivory,Cuba,illegals,crest & seal,manufacturer samples, and Chipco plaques. 
obsolete Nevada (especially Tahoe) and anything from the West for “Mr Pacific Northwest”
Empress (Joliet), Stardust Poker Mansion, Snappers, Playable casino sets; currently seeking Empress primary $1’s and secondary $1000’s
Coin inlays from Vegas as well as obsoletes from Vegas…Lets trade.. 
Grand Opening $5 (or similar value) 
Interesting Old and New Nevada chips. Anything with a bit of history behind it. 
Currently collecting Halloween Chips. 
Antiques, illegals, crest-and-seals
I collect, trade and sell Nevada Chips, mostly $1 chips. I have a large dice and slot card collection but no longer collect those. 
Chips up to $5, especially like any chip with a playing card image. Also, like Indian Casino Chips. Have over 1200 traders currently (2009)
Click the link above to check out my want list and traders.<BR><BR>I collect $1 Nevada chips (mostly Vegas & Jackpot), and am very fortunate to be an administrator for The Chip Guide. 
$1 chips from where ever I can get them from. Las vegas history, information about about defunct casinos [especially in vegas]. History of casinos.
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL
I collect chips and Silver Strikes from Las Vegas. I have started to collect other casino/gaming memorabilia as well. 
Avid collectors of Galveston County Texas illegal chips (Ron’s birth place). Also silver strikes.
I’m interested in CRUISE SHIP & LE’s from all areas.My web site has a large selection of Florida casino chips for sale or trade.Large WANT list that needs help 
Hello. I specialize mostly on high Nevada denominations from $100 on up.However my eyes often wander for any old chips from Vegas also.Feel free to contact me by email at luck and happy hunting.
I buy Ivory Poker Chips or Ivory Gambling chips. I collect all old, plain mold chips with a printed (litho) inlay. Of special interest are crest and seal chips. I specialize in club c&s, BPOE (elks) c&s and old Nevada plain mold roulettes (as well as Nevada c&s). I’ll pay well or trade well for whatever I need. Check my website for chips I need. Call me at 732-840-1602. 
Chips under $5 from all areas. Harley Davidson dealer chips.
HarouffDwight (skip) 
LV,NV & Tunica, MS house chips & some LV LE’s.
We own CT Coins. we have one of the lagers collections of Nevada chips. we are always selling and paying Nevada chips.<BR>
The Chip Man I collect Obsolete Nevada chips. I sell on my web page – Call me Toll Free 1 (800) LUCK-707
I enjoy collecting chips along with my husband, Scott. I especially enjoy visiting with all our great friends in the hobby. 
I collect $1 chips mostly from Nevada and Atlantic City. 
Mostly Vegas chips $5 and under.<BR> 
I collect all denominations up to $25. I like Las Vegas chips the most, but I collect from all over the country.
HellerMitch And 
We collect old obsolete Las Vegas casino chips!!We really like the rarer and hard to get stuff.We tinker with ashtrays and slot cards upon occassion!!We buy collections or individual chips.If you have chips for sale please email us or call at 713-419-2405.Regards-Mitch and Cheryl Heller<BR>CC@GTCC Members #2038 Going on 10 years
HempelFredR 6173Fred4970@AOL.COM 
I have started a chip collection for my Grandson. I buy or trade to add to this collection. 
Mississippi illegals and related memorabilia.
I collect all illegal memorabilia 
I mainly collect boxing related chips and casino items. 
I collect antique chips, ivory/mop, illegals and anything else that catches my eye. <BR>Member since 1997<BR>Convention Co-chair 2000-2001<BR>Program chair 1999,2000,2001, 2003<BR>Secretary 2003-2009<BR> 
I buy/sell/trade obsolete Nevada chips. Please email me with interests! 
Selling $10 silver strikes, $1 casino & route tokens. Please email for current list. 
I am collecting small towns NV but having worked at the MGM I have a spot spot for MGM chips too. 
One dollar and fractional dollar casino tokens from Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City.
Love collecting horse chips and $1.00 chips from anywhere. I love horseracing and watching the Cubs. 
I have $1.00 chips from cruise ships, countries, Colorado, Nevada, and New Jersey. Please let me know if you would like a “free” chip list. 
I collect $1 Las Vegas chips and Las Vegas table #3 roulettes. 
Primarily Mississippi slot tokens, casino room keys, chips, and some slot cards. 
Large Crown Mold chips, all. Chips of Laughlin, Nevada 
Thunderbird Casino Las Vegas. I collect all items including, Room Keys, Lighters, China, Dice, Cards, Menus, Postcards, Tokens, Matches, Coin Cups, Swizzle Sticks, Chips, Ash Trays, Cocktail Napkins, Paper/Advertising, Photos, Cuff Links, Money Clips, Odd Memorabilia, etc.. Contact me if you have any of these items for sale or trade 
I Buy/Sell/Trade ALL Nevada Casino Chips! I also collect $5 Nevada obsolete chips for my personal collection. Click on the link above to check out my Web site! 
lv 5.00
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL
Nevada, California and Mfg/Distributor Samples 
I collect Las Vegas Limited Editions, House chips and sets of chips. Four Queens, Hard Rock, Tropicana are especially sought.
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL
Las Vegas and Nev. history.
LV $5 Chips and All chips from Frontier, New Frontier, Last Frontier.
$20 chips from Nevada and Atlantic City; Bicentennial chips.
INTERESTED IN TRADING CHIPS FROM U.S.A. WILL TRADE CHIPS FROM $.25 TO $5.00 See my website for pictures of traders.
I collect $5 casino chips mainly from Las Vegas casinos as well as a variety of older 1960’s,1970’s,1980’s chips. I look at the investment opportunities such as I’m a big fan of the Cattle Baron and Diamond Jim’s $25 chip, Dunes $5 chip, and the 1960’s and 70’s Golden Nugget $5 chip. $25 chip Venetian Macau with the hologram etc. 
Mostly Lake Tahoe area chips. other rarer Las Vegas chips. Willing to purchase entire collections. 
Indian, Canadian, just starting Nevada 
Slot cards (players cards inserted into slot machines)<BR>Room keys from hotels associated with casinos<BR>SLOT CARD & ROOM KEY COLLECTORS CLUB<BR>Email me for more information on the club
Casino chips with a face value of $5.00 or less, Casino tokens with a face value of $1.00 or less 
Halloween Chips, Dragon Chips, Luxor Chips, Personal Chips and too many others to list. 
Collect Nevada. Hard to find Desert Inn’s are of special interest.
Current president of the Caribbean Casino Collectibles Club and the New York Casino Collectibles Club. Membership officer of the Atlantic City Chapter. Collector of $1 chips from everywhere, all denominations from Colorado and Deadwood. I love to trade and have a large trade/sale list on my website. Specializing in obsolete Nevada, Atlantic City, Colorado, Deadwood, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Please send me your trade lists. 
Chips from golf course and “1” chips. 
Collecting vintage Nevada as well as Caribbean and Foreign chips
Obsolete Las Vegas chips. Baccarat plaques. Table Layouts. 
Neveda LE’s and obsoletes, with face of $10.00 and less. ASHTRAYS and CARDS from any casino, anywhere – primarily for trading, rather than buying or selling. Canadian casinos – chips, cards, ashtrays, memorabilia. (I live in Vancouver, British Columbia)
Long time collector of casino memorabilia. Main interests are cocktail napkins, coasters, matches, lighters, ashtrays, paper coin cups, dealer’s bow-ties, gaming guides, souvenir photo holders, offshore gambling ships, china, dice, glasses, chips, drink tokens, free-play tokens, paper/advertising items, Northern Nevada, all of Nevada, anything older and interesting….I am obsessed! Want to trade dups? Want to sell stuff? 
Chipcos and other ceramics. 
Harley Davidson chips 
I have a wide and keen interest in the unusual and obscure casino memorabilia pieces from Nevada. Today I possess an extensive collection of ashtrays – and a growing number of glassware, dinnerware, and decanters.
I collect casino chips, promotional chips, gaming tokens, MGM fight tokens on cards, Hard Rock chips and pins, slot cards, and room keys. Come to my website at to see the extras I have for sale or possible trade.<BR>
Wisconsin, Elko, $1 Nevada – in that order. 
Original Club officer: Secretary 1987-1999. Hall of Fame inductee. Co-author: “The Chip Rack,” “The Gaming Table,” “The Information Booth,” numerous articles in Club magazine and other publications. Co-Chairman, first through third conventions. Chairman, Committee on Standards and Archives. Organizer and auctioneer, first online casino chip auctions.
$5 LEs and $1 and $5 house chips from Las Vegas casinos I’ve been to. Always interested in obtaining LEs I don’t have, either by trade or purchase. LMK if you have anything you think I might be interested in.
KoppLarry and AliceLM-5615-119 & 
Collect:<BR>Chips, slot cards and playing cards from “all” Station Casino (LV) properties and “all” Pahrump and Beatty casinos.<BR>Chips from the “El Morroco’s Casinos” and NCV’s from Caesar’s Tahoe. <BR>Slot cards from Palazzo, Venetian, and Hard Rock Casino.<BR>Slot cards and Playing cards from “all” California Indian Casinos.<BR>Publish: Free listings of new slot cards and room keys.
$1.00 Chips & Holiday Chips
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
Chips $5 and below. Nevada, Florida, California, Riverboats, Indian, Forign, Card Rooms Etc. 
chips,slot cards,& poker chips 
$5 commemoratives, roulette chip series by table, all older Las Vegas 
Nevada, AC, and Florida chips also chips with parrots on them. 
Nevada NCV & Fractionals, Illegal Clubs, and Horse racing related casino Items and Dice 
Nevada and Atlantic City Chips
LewinTravis H DR-0111thdlewin@law.syr.edu
I collect MOP, ivory and clay design chips and casino chips including illegals, Nevada, A-C, California, Colorado, S. Dak., Indians and Revier Boats. 
Main interests are $5 House and Grand Opening chips from Las Vegas
Author of the Florida Guide to Gaming Chips, Checks and Tokens. My intrests are Florida related including illegals,<BR>day cruises and card rooms. 
I collect Illegals, primarily from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and West Virginia 
Northwest Nevada current & obsolete, Riverboats, Indians, Atlantic City, G.O.’s, Anniversary LE’s, Christmas LE’s, fractionals & $2.50’s from USA 
I am a $1 and $2.50 collector worldwide. Concentrating on Nevada lately, but if I find a chip I don’t have, I’m always interested. 
Collects everything: chips, strikes, tokens, dice, memorabilia from all of Nevada.<BR><BR>2218 Radcliffe Rd.<BR>Juneau, Ak. 99801<BR>907-789-4636
London casino checks, jetons, plaques and tokens.
LovettStu “The Count” 
California. All chips of any kind including tokens, no cash value, tournament, free play or…. what ever you have! Also, players cards, slot cards, room keys, ashtrays, matches, lighters or anything else from CA casinos, card room, Indian casinos.
Collector of obsolete Nevada chips, particularly: Sahara(LV,RenoTahoe), Aladdin, Harrahs(N.Nevada), Harolds Club, Harveys(Tahoe), Golden Nugget, CalNeva Lodge, $2.50 denomination from N/S America and Caribbean, fractional chips with inlays and fractional Chipcos from anywhere, Caribbean $1 chips, antique poker chips, crest and seal chips from anywhere, Nevada No-Cash-Value chips, casino chip-maker’s samples, Nevada casino matchbooks, casino postcards from anywhere, Higher denomination Nevada casino tokens, Paul-son metal-inlay chips from anywhere, dovetail mold chips from anywhere, Nevada casino “host chips”, colored gaming tokens from anywhere, Nevada casino promotional tokens, free-play tokens, and advertising tokens.
Collect from all over with primary interest in classic old Las Vegas. Buying, selling and trading all chips. 
collecting all las vegas chips. 
I collect Halloween Casino Chips, Tokens and Silver Strikes from all casinos. 
Limited editions, but mainly destroyed Vegas and other city casinos house chips 
I collect mostly $1 house chips from US casinos and card rooms – also T25 NCV Tournament Chips. 
Horseshoe and other downtown las Vegas chips
Clubs that I, my friends or family have visited and obtained a chip. WSOP buy-in chips. Pacific Northwest Legal/Illegal club chips. For more on me follow the User Profile link found on our club’s message board and add one for yourself! 
Life member from Florida. I buy, sell & trade mostly grand opening and derby chips from ALL areas and house chips from the Las Vegas Strip. Also collect matchbooks & room keys.
I collect $1 tokens from everywhere, and buy/sell/trade. <BR>(I especially enjoy trading.) I also have chips from the <BR>Southwest for trading (and selling).
MasseyBruce & Mary AnnR4221 & 
$1 Las Vegas Chips and Las Vegas & Nevada Slot Cards 
Collector,Dealer,Deerfield Beach,FL.
owner-calvevachips dealing chips Cal/nev*lv*/more. I also do Gaming ARCHAEOLOGY. I accumilate book,matches,chip,dice, mag,pamplet,news clippings & any historical piece of Gaming ARCHAEOLOGY. *If you have any Historical item & you have no place to store it or if you hear of a person who is going to throw away any historical item send it to: PO BOX 6531 BIG BEAR LAKE CAL 92315 OR BRING it to the CONVENTION. DONT THROW IT AWAY.
All USA non-plastic fractional chips with inlays. Original Excalibur chips.
Nevada Silver Strikes 
I am new to this, and only been collecting for a few months. I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and unable to visit any Casino’s personally, so therefore looking to buy Chips from anyone on the Chip Board or Ebay. I use a Shipping Agent in NY, so Shipping to me is no problem. <BR><BR>I have set my collection to be only 1$ Chips from Casino’s in the US, however I will look at the Rest of the World if they turn up. I was going to restrict it to only include Casinos, but there is a large collection of Card Room, Charity & Poker Room Chips that merge into Casino style chips, so my collection is expanding to include them as well. <BR><BR>If anyone has lists of 1$ Chips they would like to sell, please let me know <BR><BR>Andrew 
My main collection is matchcovers and matchbooks, but I collect all kinds of ephemera and collectables regarding Las Vegas and Reno. I collect other misc. paper ephemera and anything that is cute and interesting!
Collecting all chips $10 and under, with special interest in Harrah’s, American Indian or Railroad graphics. Always ready to trade, see my trade list on my website. Have easy access to Chicago area casinos and will accomodate special requests. 
Nevada Small Towns, Tahoe, Gardena, Coupon Books, Ashtrays, Matchbooks, Napkins. 
US & Foreign chips and tokens
I collect Halloween, jester and mask chips… any denomination and any casino. Also anything Halloween related to casinos, gambling, etc. Not just chips.<BR>I love the vintage stuff and in particular, paper items such as postcards, invitations, bridge tallies, greeting cards.<BR>Anyone interested in making a Chipco chip for themselves, please contact me for pricing.
Nevada & California chips, playing cards, casino match covers, and unusual casino items.
Any and all Colorado <BR>Nevada $1’s & L.E.’s, NV matchbooks <BR>I enjoy trading 
I live in New Jersey and collect chips from Atlantic City. I focus mainly on 1st issues, tournament, NCV, and event chips 
Mesquite,NV and Council Bluffs, IA Chips and tokens 
Mainly collect $1 Vegas chips and Vegas matchbooks. 
Las Vegas $1 Chips.
Las Vegas collectibles 
Atlantic City and some Nevada, $1, $5, $25 chips; also collect Nevada cathouse chips and hologram chips from any location. 
I collect California chips with a smattering of Nevada. I like to trade so check out my web trade list (link above) and drop me an email if you’d like to swap.
MooreTerry & Sandi5860/ 
Collect California chips from Jackson, CA., obsoletes from Northern Nevada, cigar chips, brass cores, everything from Mizpah in Tonopah, this and thats. Sandi has a huge collection of wet chip 
Began collecting in 2011. Focused on chips from Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe dated 1960’s or earlier. Collection also includes some chips from smaller Nevada towns of the same era. 
Reno chips and any and all casino memoribilia, ashtrays, drink glasses, matches 
chips, downtown LV, Memorbilia 
Love to collect chips. Have lot’s, but trying to hone my collection to NV. 
small town nevada, hawthorne, etc
I am concentrating on older Las Vegas and small town Nevada items for my personal collection. Please take a look at my website. Thanks! 
I collect casino security badges and patches and like to trade. I recently created two books on the subject, “Las Vegas and Southern Nevada casino security patches” and the other, “Reno/Lake Tahoe casino security patches”. Both have pictures of all the patches I have and some history. They are both for sale or trade. 
I collect Jeffersonville, IN area illegals. I have several chips available to trade. Please let me know if you have any you would like to trade or sell. Information on items would also be great. Thanks 
I have not been able to narrow my collecting focus, so my collection consists of chips (and ashtrays and matchbooks and glasses and postcards and swizzle sticks and valet parking stubs etc etc)from everywhere.<BR>I am developing a strong interest in illegals and UFCs.<BR>Let’s Trade. 
from the cleveland ohio area. mostly collect las vegas and atlantic city. started with old chips only. then added le’s. now i have every thing from ashtrays to gaming tables. i am interested in anyone who would like to trade slot cards and room keys. i have mostly newer stuff.. last twelve years or so
MurrayMarkR-8405mark.l.murray63 at gmail.com
I collect Australian and New Zealand poker chips, as well as Australian dollar cruise ship poker chips. I am always interested in trading. My other interests are Nixie clocks, playing poker, chess, and motorbike riding. My best time around Phillip Island on my R1 is 1:48. . I am a hospital based radiographer by day. 
All chips, casino, poker, ivory, MOP<BR>Ashtrays, dice, matches, slot glass, bar glass<BR>Co-Author: The Chip Rack, The Gaming Table 
Nevada limited edition chips, and anything else from Nevada that suites my fancy.
House Chips($1, $2, $2.5, $3, $4, $5, Tourny Chips)from around the world. Atlantic City LE’s, Roulettes, Tournament Chips and House Chips; HALLOWEEN Chips from around the world 
Collect old generic clay composition chips (inlaid, engraved, embossed) and illegal club chips. Like to trade…..also buy and sell.
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
Specialize in $2.50 chips, world-wide. Advise beginners on methods of identifying chips and understanding importance of each part of a chip’s identification. Leader in developing MASTER LIST of Snappers world-wide. 
My main collection interests are Las Vegas Chips.<BR> 
Saratoga Springs casinos and chips, downtown Las Vegas chips, classic Las Vegas, and illegals. 
I collect mainly older $1 & $5 Nevada chips that have interesting and attractive designs and molds.
Nesbitt, Jr.Don 
I am a collector of Silver Premium Gaming Tokens AKA: Silver Strikes (Limited Edition Gaming Tokens) and Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Gaming Tokens. Buy, Sell & Trade $10.00 SS from all Casino’s. Member of the Silver Strikers Chapter # CHSS-44<BR> 
$5 (and other value) chips with patriotic Red/White/Blue themes & chips with women on them. And antique chips, primarily non-casino. 
Great Lakes Chip Collector from any Casino that is located in any state that CONNECTS with the Great Lakes. I can get chips from most Indian Casino’s in Michigan & Wisconsin for anyone who wants them. Also trade slotcards for chips or sell. <BR>make trades. 
Just started collecting seriously in Sept 09…Have met many people that have been extremely kind to me…I collect $1.00 chips from anywhere within the US 
Chips mostly. Nevada obsoletes are my favorite. Also collect anything from casino’s (napkins, slot cards, dice, ashtrays, matchbooks, ect). 
Collect obsolete LV strip chips and pre-strip downtown LV. The older the better. 
Collector of Cuba Chips, love to trade but will buy and sell also 
Colorado, Cripple Creek in particular, and I collect anything else that I like the looks of. 
Pictures and Tokens from The Nevada State Prison Casino. Call anytime 702-277-5584 
Vegas Strip
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
cc&gtcc club chips, Carson City, Florida, Playboy 
Casino Chip and other related Casino items Collector and Dealer 
Collect casino chips – usually $5 and under denominations – from all over, especially older Nevada chips. Special interests include: Oversize chips & plaques; Christy & Jones (C&J) mold chips; manufacturers & advertising chips. Also collect slot cards and gaming-related books. 
Las Vegas casino Chips 
Portuguese and old portuguese colonies chips, european and south american chips, plaques, indian and chipcos, and other beauties<BR> from US
T.D.S. ANTIQUE GAMBLING CHIPS ~ Tegan, Drew and Steve, Three boys that collect all types of chips. CREST & SEAL, CASINO, clay MONOGRAMS, ILLEGAL’S, BONE and related items. WE BUY TRADE or SELL. 
Four Queens!!! Also any older downtown LV, especially fractionals, and any current rack or LEs that I find interesting. Slab-Free!
Interresting by NEVADA Chips and French Chips 
Chips, Northern Nevada, small casinos 
A) Chips depicting flags as the major motif. <BR>B) Snappers.<BR>C) Chips that catch my eye. 
I collect Fractionals from Downtown, LV and most others from Nevada. 
I buy and trade all Nevada chips. My main interest is 50 cent chips. 
All of Nevada 
Old Vegas, and illegal US casinos. Collector since ’94.
Chips from LV, Reno, Lake Tahoe, AC, and Small Nevada Towns.
Atlantic City, So. Nevada, Mississippi. Specializing in chips from all CAESARS properties and all casino Bicentennial items. 
Foreign (non-US) Chips & Illegals… collect pretty much ANY chips. Always looking for traders. Reside in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
I collect 25 cent and $25 chips from all of Nevada, and all chips from Clark Co., NV (outside of Las Vegas and the strip). I also collect Atlantic City chips including all high denominations. I have many chips for trade and sale.<BR><BR>I’ve been a club member since 1993 and I am a past CC & GTCC President and Treasurer. Please feel free to contact me if you have chips that I might need or if you have any questions about collecting, the hobby or the club.
chips: las vegas / atlantic city / colorado 
Illinois Illegals, Illinois Riverboats, ie Silver Eagle also Nevada Dimes (10¢) Chips with Riverboats on them or chips with my name on it or my numbers 138,3113,84,3132
Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten other Caribbean areas<BR>I also collect 25 & 50 cent Nevada chips.<BR>Visit my website: 
Las Vegas & Downtown chips from pre-1980, all denominations. Better older chips. Anything from Sands LV
Fractionals to $5, chips only. LE’s from Atlantic City, Hard Rock, Binions, and Canada. House chips (especially house molds) from everywhere else. 
I collect mostly $1 and $5 Chips. My Collection includes Las Vegas Vintage and New, Reno Vintage, Early Colorado Chips, Early Deadwood Chips, Indiana Gaming Chips, Chips from Mesquite, Jean, Laughlin, Windover,Iowa, Atlantic City, other chips picked up in travel. Will sell chips to fill in other collections. 
I live in Roseburg, OR. I collect chips and memorabilia from small, small towns, i.e. Eureka, Austin, Pioche, Gerlach, etc. 
Silver Strikes. Concentrating on NON-$10 denominations.
All gaming memorabilia! Slot machines, ashtrays, dishware, glasses, matchbooks, swizzle sticks, dice & casino porcelain, you name it! We collect it! 
I collect $5 Nevada chips as well as autographed chips.. Always looking to trade or purchase.
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
I collect $1 casino chips from anywhere in the world. I also collect any chip with a baseball theme or a Kenny Rogers theme. I enjoying trading with fellow chippers. Please email for my tradelist. 
French collector. I collect US Chips ($1, $2.5, $5), Siverstrikes and dice. I search other french collectors for build a local club.
Chips — especially CA, small town Nevada, illegals and brass cores. Also like odd denominations and specific subject LE’s (patriotic themes, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Chinese New Year). I am the former (1999-2002) CC & GTCC Claims Director and the current (2002-2003) President of the SlabFree Chapter.
I collect Nevada, California and all $2.50’s 
California, Nevada, Fraternals
All things Nevada. $1 & $5.Love the small town issues. I also dabblein some plaques and jetons and enjoy Deadwoon and Colorado chips but focusmainely on Nevada. Love anything from Binions or WSOP related. Email me anytime. My Ebay name is neonnites and I live In California 
Chips from NV, FL, Carribbean, NJ, Illegals and jetons/plaques 
Las Vegas Strip $1.00 chips, especially from the original casinos (I grew up going to the Thunderbird every summer). 
Interested in collecting casino chips (non commemorative):<BR>- Casino chips from Las Vegas, including roulettes<BR>- Casino chips from Atlantic City<BR>- Dutch casino chips/jetons (mostly Holland Casino)
My collection consists almost entirely of $1 Las Vegas casino chips. I have a few chips from casinos outside of Vegas and a few $5 chips, but not many. I am starting to look for more vintage chips now that my collection is growing.
Collector of chipsnstuff from all Nevada Clubs, all Harrah’s, the Horseshoe LV, & Hard Rock. My collection is online along with traders and other misc. stuff…
Collector of Playboy chips from around the world , and Tahoe Village chips.<BR><BR><BR> 
Collect Borland chips & advertising chips 
New to all this and like all chips but trending towards copper inlays and chips under $5 
Following on the foot steps of my father. Ebay seller id titipeo<BR><BR> 
Halloween Casino Chips 
All chips from everywhere. Always looking to trade 
I collect 60’s era and earlier obsolete/demolished casino’s and Cuban/Illegal casino’s and prohibition memorabilia. 
I collect Van Halen/Sammy Hagar related chips.
Collecting, trading and selling casino chips, gaming tokens and slot cards. My website has thousands of scans, a message board plus more! 
Pre-1975 Nevada, with special interest in picture inlays and picture hotstamps.
Russo SrMichael 
Tropicana Las Vegas chips & ashtrays
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL
The basis of my collection – chips from casinos of the former USSR. I’m also interested chips from Asia and Africa. 
$5 slot tokens; continuing the tradition and interest of my parents. 
Chips, lighters and ashtrays from Lake Tahoe, Reno, Verdi, Sparks, Virginia City and Carson City. 
I collect chips and matchbook covers from Nevada and California. 
Nevada Casino Chips, arrowdies and smallkeys. 
Older Nevada, primarily downtown Las Vegas 
Collecting Saratoga Springs, New York Illegal Gambling Chips & Casino Memorabilia. I Consider myself more of a caretaker of my families large collection that I inherited. I am the 8th generation to be born & raised here in Saratoga with deep family ties to the illegal gambling days of Saratoga from the late 1800’s thru the Kefauver raid in 1951. I am always looking to purchase additional items to add to the collection for our families future generations to cherish as much as I do. 
COLLECTOR of Cruise Ship room keys and CHIPS from Michigan, Caribbean, Cruise Ships, Day Boats or with a Tropical or Nautical theme. Many room keys, slot cards and chips to TRADE!
I collect Chips & Tokens from the Midwest with my main focus on Minnesota and Missouri.
I just kinda happened into collecting Mississipii gaming tokens. I did the demolition of the Copa Casino in Gulfport Mississippi and found a lot of their old slot tokens 25$ 10$ 5$ 2$ .25$. I don’t have the extra money to buy but will trade/sell.
Obsolete Las Vegas casino chips
I collect mainly fractionals from Nevada, but I can’t seem to pass a good one dollar up. 
All US chips except Card Rooms – $1.00 & under. All foreign. 
I collect old hard to find Las Vegas chips (Sands,Dunes,Stardust and others). Email me any time. 
I am concentrating on collecting chips, tokens and strikes from Wisconsin casinos. My collection covers pieces from around the world. I like to trade, buy and sell. I have met a lot of fine folks who enjoy this hobby. Let’s keep it fun and enjoyable for all collectors big and small. 
any $1 chip, Playboy chips, Horse chips
I collect all types of memorabilia from downtown Las Vegas. Chips, ashtrays, paper, magazines, matches, etc. I’m also interested in the history, people, and stories of early downtown Las Vegas.
I’ve collected casino chips for just over a year now, and still love the hobby! Starting to get into a specialty of anything Horse related, also collecting Wendover, NV chips and some small NV towns too.
Paulson collection.
Computers and Networking.”}”>Poker.
Paulson collection.
Computers and Networking.
I collect $1 chips from everywhere, $5 Holiday LE’s, Grand Openings, Silver Strikes and Slot Cards. 
silver strikes, chips, ashtrays, paper items (Nevada) 
Collect $1 chips, Hard Rock & Palms. Also WSOP “Buy-In” and winners of the Main Event. Collection over 1500.
Antique inlaid and engraved pre-1940
Collect $1.00 chips from everywhere, all obsolete USA chips, especially Nevada. Trading chips is a favorite pastime. Visit my website and look around. Memorabilia too. 
Rack chips and LEs below $25.00 from most states and Aruba. Some states Indian casinos only. 
I collect Mostly Las Vegas Chips, Including Roulettes. I Specialize In Hard Rock Casino Chips. I also collect some Riverboats, Atlantic City and Silver Strikes. What I enjoy Most about The CC& GTCC is That I have Made Many close Friends, From My involvement in The Club and Look forward to meeting new freinds at The Annual Convention, every Year 
illegals, southern riverboats 
Las Vegas casino chips ($5 or $1) from early casino’s to present. I also collect matchbooks, swizzle sticks, serviettes and toiletries plus unusual memorabilia from old, long since imploded casinos!
Nevada chips. My wants list is on or by clicking my URL to access my excel spreadsheet (updated regularly).
Las Vegas Chips 
Interested in $1 chips from Las Vegas 
I collect Atlantic City and Las Vegas Casino chips and dice. 
Chips only face value .01 to $4.99 from anywhere. I have some slot cards/ room keys and $5 chips to trade for chips that I collect. I prefer to trade but wil consider sale/purchase if all trade possibilities fall through. I am a member of the Slab Free Chapter and a member of the Chips at Face list.
Specialinzing in AC and Nevada Roulettes”}”>Casino chips new and old from AC and Nevada
Specialinzing in AC and Nevada Roulettes 
I collect,trade and sell Nevada casino chips.

SAFEX Ashtrays are another favorite of mine along with old match books.
I sell as a hobby. Check out my site.”}”>I like all older Nevada an Las Vegas chips. Roulettes are my favorites.

SAFEX Ashtrays are another favorite of mine along with old match books.
I sell as a hobby. Check out my site. 
Collecting most all casino items.
SimonsHal & 
We collect mostly Las Vegas chips. We especially look for chips from the strip casinos that we have visited over the many years. Have also collected some from AC and northern Nevada that have struck our fancy. Room Keys are another of our favorite collectibles. 
Collect obsolete Vegas chips, especially Flamingo chips. Actively looking for obsolete $100 and fractionals from Vegas. 
Collect Nevada and Louisiana Chips.
Collector of British (chips and other memorabilia), Nevada (mainly $5 house chips) and CIC chips from all other countries. Always looking to trade for British casino chips, and always have a number of British traders available. If anyone has any questions about casinos in the UK then please email me and I will try and help. 
I’m relatively new to collecting. I collect silver strikes, brass core chips and coin inlays. The brass and inlays are my favorite! But I also collect many other types of chips, LEs, GOs..etc. I also collect boxing related chips and casino items. As well as being a memeber of CC&GTCC, I’m a member of the Silver Strikers chapter and a regional member of the Nor-Cal Nev chapter. Hope to see you at a meeting!
SmithChristine & 
Chris and I collect $1 Nevada chips. We stay away from LE’s. We go after new chips and obsoletes 

Especially interested in ALL UK chips, Jetons and Plaques I dont have.”}”>Collect Samples, Foreigns, T Molds, and Vintage Vegas Chips

Especially interested in ALL UK chips, Jetons and Plaques I dont have. 
I’m interested in $1 casino chips from all over the U.S. I enjoy collecting any casino memorabilia including ash trays, match books, and bungee cords. 
Nevada, Indian casino, foreign chips, nothing over $5.00 
Mississippi casino items, one chip from each city/state and one chip from each non-USA country 
TR KING Small and Large Crowns from anywhere..the more unique the better. Also California Chips with inlays. 
Las vegas chips, some dice. a few Louisiana and Oklahoma
We Collect & Sell Brass & Metal Chips & Casino Collectibles See Our Website For Details !
Nevada history, gambling items, Nevada casino chips. We have a retail store in downtown Las Vegas @ 810 commerce street, 89106 702-362-8767 
I collect Chips .25 cent to $5 chips from western states, but mostly Colo. Wyo. N.M. Az. Okla. Nev. and some Calif. and Wash. & I sell some on Ebay under puzzler204
UK based collector and dealer in casino chips and other casino collectibles. Probably the largest selection of stock this side of the pond. 
Northern Nevada chips 
I collect $1 casino chips from anywhere. I also collect purple chips, mostly roulettes and fractionals.
world wide chips 
I collect small town NV, NV, and other misc. states. 
collecting $5 and down chips and tokens with interest in foreign and wet chips 
Stardust, Hacienda, Bourbon Street from Las Vegas”}”>Illegals, especially Ohio.
Stardust, Hacienda, Bourbon Street from Las Vegas 
I collect Las Vegas $5 LE & Commemorative chips as well as $10 Las Vegas Silver Strikes. 
Collecting all Belgium. Also interested in European MOP. My daughter collects Hard Rock and my son chips with animals on them. 
Chips, tokens, and silver strikes from Minnesota Casinos. Franklin Mint tokens from Nevada Casinos.
Currently collecting VEGAS, AC, & Anything from my home state of PA.
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
Chips and Tokens
Wet Chips & Caribbean but also collect Nevada and AC 
I specialize in Hard Rock Limited Edition chips. I also collect other rare chips and silver strikes, too.<BR>My ebay name is Lloyd53
Collector of obsolete Nevada chips, especially 10¢, 25¢, and 50¢. Also any arodie or crest and seal. 
I live in the Wichita Kansas area and collect fractional casino chips from all 50 states and Canada…
I collect, Buy and Trade Casino Chips, and Casino Dice. Check out my web site to see my chip trader list !! 
ARKANSAS ILLEGALS…..Chips and dice. Anything Hot Springs related. I have over 6,000 Hot Springs chips in collection. Be glad to help you find a chip or I’m always buying and trading. Large collection of gaming memoribilia, slots, equipment. Previous CCGTCC member R-5044<BR><BR>Also read my book: “Gambling In The Spa” the only book in print that has a complete listing of Arkansas chips and dice…. in color. Facts, history and pictures of the Hot Springs casinos. 501-617-0846 
Chips – Atlantic City and Nevada 
Anything to do with casinos 
I collect $1.00 Las Vegas and surrounding area chips. 
Newer collector looking for “pretty” chips under $5 
Like collecting all differant types of chips. Been doing this several years and I consider my collection pretty nice. I now have a collection of Players Club cards. I do wish I could find the time to attend more Conventions. 
I have been collecting for 3 years, taking chips from every casino I have been too. I have many duplicates, and would love to trade. Looking mostly for Hard Rocks, and Atlantic City. Ask me, I may have it. Thanks. 
All Chips to $5
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL
$1 & $5 chips from all over!
$1 & $5 chips. 
fractional and obsoletes 
Obsolete chips. Like Sahara,Stardust and MGM, also Paris Jetons
I collect all types of casino chips. 
Collect obsolete Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and also NY illegals and underground.<BR>Currently President of the NY Metro Chip Club 
VuoloMike “Monk” 
Illegals from all over. Doing research for Wisconsin Illegals.<BR>Email me for trades, and let’s keep the hobby inexpensive.
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
Early issue Las Vegas strip and downtown casinos chips. 
Low-denomination Nevada house, commemorative, LE and obsolete chips. 
Nevada – chips, tokens, dice, silver strikes and cards. No specialization (like $1, $5 etc.), I’m all over the map. My focus is more on aesthetics – these collectibles are little works of art! 
I collect all current $1 Nevada chips (since 1975). I have extra Stardust to sell or trade. I do have CA Indian Casino, Cruise Ship and Bahamas chips. 
mostly collect $1 chips from anywhere. will trade, sell or buy. also have some room keys and player club cards. We travel a lot and would like to meet others. we live in Killeen(central) Texas 
I collect a wide variety of casino chips, mostly Las Vegas, Nevada, and Bossier City. I am always trying to complete my O’Shea’s collection. I only need 4 pot of gold roulette chips to finish it. 
Desert Inn Joshua Tree chips and Bob Stupak chips from the Sinabar or Vegas World. 
Tropicana Las Vegas First Edition Chips 
I collect $1 chips from everywhere. Some $5 chips from nevada. Also slot cards and room keys. 
Slot Tokens any denomination- Silver Strike<BR>from Argentina to zambabwe.Slot cards<BR>buy -sale & trade<BR>silver strike 
Buy/sell old rare, obsolete Nevada Chips. All molds<BR>including crest & seal chips 
dice,playing cards,glass ware, slot cards,casino photos, room keys, gaming tokens and anything casino related 
I collect Atlantic City and Nevada $5 limited edition chips; $1 chips, silver strikes, slot cards, do-not-disturb signs, jackpot flags etc. from almost anywhere. Especially collect casino items depicting parrots, roller coasters, holidays. 
Grand Openings and Northwest chips 
Crystal park, or any real casino that shut down and the chips are for sale. CFC,Ocean jewel etc.
Collect $1 chips from everywhere. Also collect Grand Opening chips. Founding member of the Limostuds. 
$1 and $5 chips, tokens, dice, and slotcards. 
Obsolete Las Vegas. Mint, Flamingo Hilton, LV Hilton. Some current Las Vegas & LEs. Large Crowns & sample chips. Some California & Indian.Las Vegas Dice. Buy, Sell, Trade.
I collect and sell casino tokens, mainly from Nevada. However, I also have many tokens from Colorado, California, New Jersey, and South Dakota, as well as many foreign tokens. I’ve been collecting since the early 1990’s, and have quite a collection now. Please visit my web site if you’re looking for tokens. 
All Vegas Chips 
Four Queens House Chips & 1995 4Q Superbowl LE Chip…Have any you want to sell??? 
Collect all chips with the exception of Indians and illegals 
Silver Strkes -mainly Nevada $10. $1 Chips, $5 Chips, and other values depending on Casino/Design -mainly Nevada. 
I collect mainly Las Vegas chips. I especially like older downtown issues and obsolete casinos. 
Collect one dollar denominations from around world, Nevada and United states. I love this hobby! 
I collect $1 chips from all over the world. I also collect Fourth of July Chips, chips representing history, and serial numbered chips. 
I am collecting $1 chips since 2008. <BR>My interests are $1 chips from: <BR>Arizona, Aruba, California, Canada, Caribbean, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, International (“1” any kind of currency), Iowa, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, S. Dakota, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Cruise Lines. <BR>I love to trade. <BR>If you are interested in a trade please send me an e-mail and ask for my scans and send me your scan. <BR><BR> 
Hard Rock, Palms, and $1 chips from all casinos 
Nevada obsolete chips from Las Vegas, Tahoe and Reno. I’ve been collecting since July 1999. 
Atlantic City & Tunica 
I collect Octagon shaped chips (always looking for more), Baseball related Chips, Celebrity Pictured Limitted Editions from all over, and Atlantic City Chips
Last NameFirst NameCCGTCC #EmailWeb URL 
Collector of obsolete downtown Las Vegas. I collect arodie and dieswirl molds. No cash values NCVs and the following Nevada casinos: Horseshoe Club, Pioneer Club, California Club, Hard Rock Hotel, and just starting out on the El Rancho Vegas.
I collect europian jetons and chips from Las Vegas.<BR>I´m allways interesting in trading. Please see my online tradelist. 
I collect chips from almost everywhere but really love Illegals, UFC’s and obsolete Mississippi. I also collect roulettes, Silver Strikes and NCV chips.